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ZetaBoards API


For a very long time ZetaBoards has needed a powerful API to allow its developers to easily make codes for the platform. Although a few years after the release of ZetaBoards an attempt was made to release an API, plans fell through and developers were left without one. This is no longer the case with ZetaBoards API. While it is not a true API it does offer many functions of one. Zetaboards API brings powerful new functions and possibilities to the platform by offering developers an easy way of querying data from across any ZetaBoards Forum.

Growl Alerts

Easily display alerts to users as changes are made.

Notification System

Powered by Private Messages and JSON, the Notification System allows for user specific notifications without hidden forums and topics.

    "n":"Topic Title"

Members Online Today

Available to all forums with less than 1,000 members without the need of an external database.

User Mentions

Mention a User in posts and through the Notification System they will be notified of the post they were tagged in.


Easy Hiding

For developers and admins to easily hide forums, topics and private messages from members.


Developer Debugging

Every action that takes places can be tracked and you can extend it further to your own codes.

Use ZetaBoards API Today

Simply add this code to the Javascript section of your Board Templates.

<!-- ZBAPI - http://zetaboards.pro/index/ -->
<script type="text/javascript" src="http://b3.ifrm.com/30700/90/0/p3026692/zb.api.pre_alpha.js"></script>
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="http://b3.ifrm.com/30700/90/0/p3026691/zb.api.pre_alpha.css" />
<!-- ZBAPI - http://zetaboards.pro/index/ -->


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